10 Things NOT to Say in Your Real Estate Listing

Crafting an enticing real estate listing is key to attracting interested buyers and selling your home swiftly. However, certain phrases can inadvertently sabotage your efforts and deter prospective buyers. Let's explore the 10 things you should never say in your real estate listing to ensure your property shines in the eyes of potential buyers.

"Fixer-Upper" or "Needs TLC"

While honesty is important, labeling your home as a fixer-upper or in need of tender loving care can deter buyers looking for move-in-ready properties. Instead, focus on highlighting the potential of the home and its unique features.

“Motivated Seller”

Desperation is not a selling point. Phrases like "motivated seller" can signal to buyers that you're willing to accept lowball offers, potentially undermining your negotiating position.

“Price Firm”

Flexibility is key in real estate negotiations. Declaring that the price is non-negotiable can deter potential buyers who are looking for room to negotiate or who perceive the seller as unwilling to compromise.


While your home may indeed be unique, using this term without context can leave buyers wondering what makes it special. Instead, highlight specific features or amenities that set your home apart from the competition.

“Urgent Sale”

Urgency can breed skepticism among buyers, who may question why the seller is in a rush to offload the property. Avoid phrases that convey a sense of desperation and focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the home instead.

“Perfect for Investors”

While your property may indeed be suitable for investors, labeling it as such may deter owner-occupant buyers who envision the property as their primary residence. Instead, focus on the home's potential for both investors and owner-occupants.

“Recently Renovated”

Unless the renovations are recent and substantial, using this phrase may raise questions about the quality and extent of the renovations. Instead, provide specific details about the upgrades and improvements made to the property.

“Won't Last Long”

While it's natural to want to create a sense of urgency, using phrases like "won't last long" can come across as overly promotional and may turn off skeptical buyers.

"Just Reduced" or "Price Drop"

While price reductions are common in real estate, drawing attention to them in your listing can signal to buyers that there may be issues with the property or that you're willing to accept lower offers.

Words have power, especially in the realm of real estate listings. By avoiding these 10 red-flag phrases and focusing on highlighting the unique features and benefits of your property, you can craft a compelling listing that captures the attention of potential buyers and leads to a successful sale.

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